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 The impact of a weakening economy is unlikely to stop wealthy Chinese consumers from travelling to buy their luxury goods 

Luxury brands need to re-think their Marketing strategies for China

Due to the new Chinese economy, which is the slowing down, the financial returns of many luxury shopping mall investments are much less “attractive” now that they are not five years old. Shopping Mall and retail sales decline, luxury brands will have to re-think their growth strategy for the Chinese Clients. The implications for the luxury Brands as a whole are potentially far-reaching, given that the interior of China was once considered the tresor for the future.

If we look at China, much of the positive sales witness in the last 2 years  in the developing province, 2nd and 3rd tierce cities was actually fueled by wealthy tourists . However, after the Chinese government devalued the renminbi in August 2015, China’s foreign spending power took a turn for the worse. In addition, the Chinese economy continues to cool down. These two combined challenges will impact the mix of geographic sales in the industry, which could trigger another global power shift in 2016.

Communicate Online, Use the power of Wechat to target High End Clients.

The impact of a weakening economy is unlikely to prevent rich Chinese consumers from traveling to buy their luxury goods but they could change their destination of choice as well as total spending in the destination. Short-haul destinations such as South Korea and Thailand. If Chinese consumers reduce their travel abroad, we might begin to see another shift in regional balance. Spending in North America, Western Europe and Japan fell, while spending in China increased.

80% of Luxury Purchasing are When Chinese travel

It is difficult to predict how the situation will develop in the future. What we want to say, however, is that according to our new research, 2015 proved to be for the most strictly critical years ever for the global luxury industry.

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