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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Little Red Book app?

The Little Red Book app, also known as Xiaohongshu or RED, is a popular social e-commerce platform in China. Launched in 2013, it originally started as a community for Chinese consumers to review and share shopping experiences about overseas products. The platform has since grown and evolved to host user-generated content, where influencers and regular users alike share lifestyle tips, product reviews, and other content primarily focused on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Learn more about the app in our Xiaohongshu Guide.

Why use the Little Red Book app for promotion?

Chinese consumers tend not to trust official sources but other consumers instead. Using Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) for promotion can be highly beneficial for brands due to its unique blend of social networking and e-commerce, along with its large, engaged user base.

Can brands sell on the Little Red Book app?

Xiaohongshu also has an e-commerce section. Companies or merchants who have formed a partnership with the platform can sell their products online. Like Tmall or JD in China, Xiaohongshu is known to sell authentic products.

What is the best seller category on Xiaohongshu?

+60% of the users are women between 18 and 35 from 1st-tier cities. The best-selling category is cosmetics. Clothing is getting more popular.

What selling option do I have?

Have your own store or sell as a third party. Each of them has its benefits and the little red book is less expensive than the market leader (Tmall/JD) and the requirements are not as high.

Is Little Red Book good for e-reputation?

For small brands that need to get visible online, the Xiaohongshu app is a good start. It offers a good base to create a community, and contrary to Wechat is an open social media platform, making it easier to reach out to new consumers. 

More about Little Red Book/Xiaohongshu

Open a Little Red Book Official Account

The very first step is to register in the Little Red Book’s system (小红书入驻平台) as a merchant or a company. Registering on the app can be somewhat complicated, lots of paperwork has to be done in Chinese. After registering, you’ll need to wait for approbation before you can start publishing or selling as an official. If you want to avoid paperwork and doing mistakes that would probably cost you your place on the platform, hiring a Xiaohongshu agency like ours that knows the system is probably the safest and fastest option for you.

Little Red Book Account Management

Because Xiaohongshu is a social app as well as an e-commerce platform there is a necessity for fresh, regular and reliable content. Our Chinese team is on top of trends and will create relevant content to make your brand surf on the buzz or become the buzz. If you are a seller your products will be listed following the code of e-commerce in China and Little Red Book regulations. To build the hype around your brand as well as manage the reactions around your campaigns, a community manager will be assigned to your project. He/she will make certain that any negative reaction is being handled properly while keeping the integrity of your brand identity.

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Marketing Campaigns on Little Red Book

Xiaohongshu has become one of the best places for KOL campaigns. It has been built around reviewing and a lot of KOLs and influencers have flourished on the platform. We have a KOL-dedicated team that will run cost-efficient KOL campaigns for you. It’s possible because of our partnerships with various Chinese influencers and our expertise. These campaigns can take different forms: reviews, live streams, short videos, banners, etc. When it comes to e-commerce, as your Xiaohongshu agency, we will help you develop promotional campaigns following the Chinese holidays and busy periods. We make you take part in the RED store promotional activities.

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