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For rapid and effective development, social networks are sometimes not enough.

Chinese Website

We have many contacts to help you Baidu. Optimized website that’s designed to rank and appeal to Chinese visitors.


No eReputation = no sales. We build and managed your online reputation in China.

Chinese Social media

Create Engagement and gain visibility with Chinese social media

Baidu Seo/Sem

Lead generation, Visibility, PR, credibility, you need Baidu in China.

Kols Marketing

We guide you through Chinese KOL and create great campaigns.
1500+ Companies and Brands trusted GMA to Grow their Business in China

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We are French-Chinese agency specialized in Digital Marketing with over 10 years of experience. Our Strengths: Focus on KPI & ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is e-reputation?

Customers Review Campaigns: Customer feedback and reviews are an entire part of good customer service. Online Monitoring Brand: Online Monitoring brands are essential to be able to respond quickly to both positive and negative comments. Responding to Comments: Our team works for you to stay on top of all the channels that these can come through. Negotiating Negative Review Removal: we can fix your image by removing or editing bad comments. Using a mixed approach of content marketing and digital PR, GMA will seed information online that reassures potential customers about the value your business can offer.


How to use Weibo to build e-reputation in China?

GMA helps international companies to adopt the right Weibo marketing strategies in China by creating buzz Weibo advertising campaigns through banner advertisements, Weibo search engine promotion, Fan Headlines for better fan engagement, interaction and increase the brand online presence. We target an audience that interacts directly with your brand building a lasting customer relationship through Weibo

What are your Wechat Branding in China services?

We help international companies register their company on Wechat as well as managing and growing their following. Our WeChat solutions include WeChat Official Account Setup, WeChat Advertising, Wechat store, and WeChat Pay, WeChat H5 brochure, WeChat Group share, WeChat game, WeChat channel, etc.

What are the basic of Baidu Marketing?

Translate your website into Simplified Chinese. Hosting your website in China or near China for faster website speed. We optimize your website for the Chinese internet. Press release for qualitative backlinks and e-reputation building.

Why hire an agency for Kols Marketing in China?

The Kols world in China is wide and wild. There are thousands of fake accounts, some Kols that would play you, etc. Going with an agency that has a Kols network and knows the field is a safety net.

More about Branding in China

Consulting Agency in China

Innovative, and ROI business strategies are essential in the digital era. Digitization has changed customers’ behaviors at greater speed and scale than ever before. In order to offer the highest quality of service, companies must rethink their businesses through innovative digital marketing strategies. Digital consulting agencies play a critical role in helping foreign companies build leadership, business architecture, and organizational models that are necessary to get a successful ROI in China. GMA Digital Consulting Agency analyzes the needs that will drive the implementation of your business model. We execute digital strategies and provide market surveys.

Webdesign is step #1 of branding in China

GMA builds strategic, engaging customers’ experiences that reinforce your credibility, and turn prospects into leads. Our developers create websites that are customized for each client’s specific needs. Our sites are attractive and extremely well designed. We work to develop a website that flawlessly operates with a good UX that will reinforce your brand’s image. Responding to the client’s needs, we maintain the site secure with the latest software patches and upgrades while always adapting to the web best practices.

Ereputation Agency China

Reputation means everything especially in China, your business can succeed or fail based on your reputation in the digital era. The ease at which comments made online is just amazing. So, it’s essential to take time and think about your online reputation management strategy in order to monitor and respond to positive comments and erase negative ones. Our Online reputation management services can help both small and big businesses with a complete range of online public relations, branding, and digital marketing solutions. Our extraordinary team of experts has worked with some of the international brands in the world.

Chinese Social Media Agency

Weibo, Douyin, WeChat, Little Red Book… Social media are essential to any marketing effort in China. They are great to increase brand awareness, create a buzz, improve e-reputation, gain visibility. Each of those platforms has its own specificities, marketing tools, audience, etc. They all serve different purposes, and it is normal for any legitimate company to register an official account on the Chinese social media of their choice and publish there regularly. It is expected. We will help you register, do community management, create and manage content as well as run ads.

Baidu Seo/ Sem Agency

The biggest challenge for international companies is that Google is blocked in China. Baidu is the most popular Chinese search engine. Ranking on Baidu is the best way to gain visibility and rapidly reach your target in China. Before starting with Baidu SEO, optimize your Chinese website (Mandarin Chinese/ Hosting/Plugins…). GMA will do extensive keyword research and analysis, index your website in Baidu, and increase your keyword rankings for Baidu search in China

Kols Agency in China

KOLs (key opinion leaders) have become a big part of any brand’s marketing strategies when operating in China. In fact, KOLs represent the modern society in China; they ride on a concept taken from the West which has been supercharged into massive earnings and income potential. They have more influence on Chinese consumer behavior and social trends than celebrities do. KOLs are active on Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, Little Red Book … and more, providing new authentic and relevant content for their huge fan bases. Compared to celebrity branding, working with KOLs reduces costs and is more accessible to consumers. We are a KOL/Influencer Marketing Agency and we help you to find the right Chinese influencer for your business in China. From casting to the marketing campaign, GMA will develop and manage your brand recognition social media campaign.