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Tmall Partner (TP)

We are official Tmall Partner. We assist you with joining the app.

Tmall Flagship Store

We register, design and manage your flagship store on Tmall.

Tmall Global Solutions

Start selling in China without a Chinese business license.

Tmall Paid Advertising

Gain more visibility on Tmall with well-made advertising and marketing campaigns.

China Omni-Channel Marketing

KOLs, e-reputation, Banner ads, we have experts for each of these promotional strategies.

Reporting & Analysis

We monitor your shops & ads results, optimise them to get you the best ROI. Then we provide you with easy-to-digest reports.
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We are French-Chinese agency specialized in Digital Marketing with over 10 years of experience. Our Strengths: Focus on KPI & ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tmall?

Tmall is the biggest B2C (business-to-consumer) platform in China. It was launched by Alibaba in 2010 and is the number one online sales platform in China. This e-commerce platform operates in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. enables domestic and foreign brands to sell their products and services directly to consumers in China. In the manner of Taobao, Tmall uses the payment system of Alipay. Nonetheless, one of the main differences between Taobao and Tmall is that in the second, vendors have to be approved in order to set up a store in the marketplace. Due to its business policy, Tmall ensures authentic and premium quality products to its consumers.

What is the difference between JD and Tmall ?

As of 2023, the main differences between Tmall and JD have mainly vanished. Whether it comes to registration fees or difficulties registering your brand, both eCommerce platforms are rather similar. used to have a bigger focus on electronics but just like Tmall, the app is now home to thousands of brands selling FMCG. The biggest difference between these two apps as of today is the number of users which is higher for Tmall.

Should I sell on my ecommerce website or on Tmall?

To put it simply, you should have an eCommerce website as a “vitrine” but most of your sales are going to be made through a marketplace (such a Tmall) where consumers feel more comfortable placing an order. Indeed, marketplaces offer a safety net that can not be matched by an E-commerce site. A safety net that is incredibly important in the eyes of Chinese consumers.

How to sell on Tmall - via a TP (tmall partner)

Selling on Tmall through a Tmall Partner (TP) is an excellent opportunity to tap into the vast Chinese e-commerce market. To get started, partner with a reputable TP who can guide you through the process. They will help with store setup, product listings, and translation services to ensure your brand resonates with Chinese consumers. Collaborate closely with your TP to optimize your product pages, handle logistics, and manage customer service. Leverage Tmall’s marketing tools, such as sponsored ads and promotions, to increase visibility and drive sales. With the support of a Tmall Partner Agency, you can establish a successful presence on Tmall, reaching millions of Chinese shoppers and expanding your business in this thriving marketplace.

Register On Tmall & Open your Flagship Store

Let us help you with registering on Tmall. We will check if your answers to Tmall requirements and find alternatives if you don’t. If your brand is allowed to be on Tmall we will take care of registering it and create a store that not only tells about your brands but that also make sure the design and UX is localized for Chinese consumers. Our goals: Make sure you have the highest conversion rate possible.

selling coffee in china on tmall

Customers Service and Store Management

Keep your customers happy with a great customers services and 24H chat to help consumers with buying an item. Your Tmall Store will have to be updated often with your new listing, listing that should be visually appealing and informative. We also help you with prepping for the many Chinese festivals and make the most out it.

Global Strategy & Branding

Selling online in China can be a challenge if your brand is unknown. To help you increase your conversion and ROI we help you with branding and storytelling. Remember that in China branding is everything, you may be the best if your field, if no one is saying it then you are no one. Level up your game with an Omni-Channel marketing strategy.