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JD is one of the main e-commerce platform in China. The Chinese customers already trust this brand and know they will get fast and quality service from it.


It is important to create a community on social media such as WeChat and Weibo to attract and keep your customers.


You need to be visible ! For that, Google isn't useful in China, you need to develop a SEO campaign on Baidu.


Your design must be polished to represent your brand's image and quality. We can help you to understand Chinese customers' taste.

O2O Strategy

You need to have an offline-to-online strategy because the Chinese customers will still go in shops to try the product, but will order it online later.

Market survey

Our team always keep up with the tendency of the market. So we always know the most effective strategies for your brand.
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We are French-Chinese agency specialized in Digital Marketing with over 10 years of experience. Our Strengths: Focus on KPI & ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider JD?

In 2013 JD and Tencent announced the launched of a “Jingteng” plan. In other words, the two Chinese giants basically merged their database offering a considerable advantage to JD’s merchants in terms of marketing. Targeting consumers have never been that efficient. Not only being present on JD is a door to Chinese e-commerce world but the platform also allows the international company to sell to Chinese consumers without the necessity of a physical presence in China.
Since 2017, JD.com has opened in South East Asia and is planning to go global in the near future.
The company with its focus on technology is always on top when it comes to using it at its advantage. For instance, JD is currently working on developing a more performant drone system to ensure an even faster fulfilment service.

What is the difference between JD and Taobao or Tmall ?

Taobao manages C2C relationships while Tmall is its B2C equivalent. It is well named because it can be compared to a large “mall” (a shopping mall) containing many different stores. However, each brand still has control of its store. In this way, Jack Ma wanted to offer the consumer the opportunity to have full transparency about the supplier and give responsibility to him.Once registered on Tmall, the supplier can take care of his “store”. It must manage the promotion of its brand, the delivery of its goods, the management of the customer service etc. So this option is similar to having your own website. However, you benefit from the Tmall interface. This will give you visibility and credibility with Chinese consumers. But you keep control! However, you will not benefit from all the information you might have had with your own website. JD on the other hand would be seen as a simple store offering a lot of products, as JD takes care of everything. So this option is very convenient! Because once your products are exchanged with JD, your role ends there. JD will buy the product in bulk and take care of the remaining tasks.


Jing Dong is the largest self-operated e-commerce enterprise in China. As for Tmall and Taobao you can find about everything on JD with a strong focus on electronic devices.

What is setting it apart from Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall is its fulfillment service. JD has the most advanced fulfillment infrastructure among all Chinese e-commerce companies allowing same day delivery. This is largely due to JD buying and storing goods which according to Dennis Hong, the investor at JD.com in an interview with Forbes, could be beneficial to the company growth: “JD takes on inventory risk, it could achieve procurement scale over time and guarantee product quality in a country rampant with fake goods”